I grew up in West Sussex and the countryside around the South Downs , spending a lot of time walking and sketching or taking photos in the woodland and on the coast, and this passion for the natural environment informed the research for my work. In 2006 I graduated from the University of Brighton, with a First Class BA(hons) Wood, Metals, Ceramics and Plastics.

My work echoes the colour palette found in the Sussex coastline; I am more than a little obsessed with the breadth of colour to be found at the line of the horizon, colour that changes constantly with time of day, weather conditions. This line is a theme in my work, and I am fascinated with pairing glazes that will overlap and create a depth of colour and surface. Every piece is glazed by hand, and the variations in this process mean that every vessel will have its own unique surface. Slight differences in thickness of glaze, and the chemical reaction between glazes in the kiln, creates subtle diversity between pieces. Each piece is designed to be comfortable in the hand; the thumb perfectly fitting in the dimple of a mug, a small jug pinched between forefinger and thumb requiring no handle. The simplicity of design creates a quiet place for subtle colour to sing. The joy of handmade ceramics is that every piece bears the mark of the maker's fingers, meaning each piece is unique. 


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